Eng Uri Mizrahi

Engineer Uri Mizrahi is the Director of A.AKA Ltd consulting civil and structural engineering. A. AKA is Uri's global private practice registered both in Israel and the UK with principal office in London with projects and his consulting advice spanning 25 years across Western and Eastern Europe, Israel and USA.

Eng Uri Mizrahi infuses an intelligent, energized and experienced hands-on service which includes construction monitoring, compliance monitoring, high level technical advice on procurement, cost and construction. He maintains an extensive range of clients in both the private and public sectors, across a variety of building types, both sensitive refurbishment and new builds. Uri's international experience and expertise of high end residential and hotel projects to 5* superior level, guiding the client's team from early design, procurement and development stages. He works across various constraints including:

    Working with complex city center sites adjacent to sensitive properties.

    Retained buildings and facades.

    Underpinning, demolition and party wall issues.

    Formation of multi-level basements in open excavation or top-down construction.

    Working over/adjacent to rail infrastructure and stations both above and below ground; in particular London Underground and Crossrail.

    Adjacent to historic and/or sensitive structures.

Expert services often include:

    Advice, compliance monitoring design and construction on behalf of owner, funders, prospective owners or major tenants for the purpose of verifying, inspecting and reporting on whether the civil and structural elements, façade work and construction are designed and installed in conformity with the performance requirements and design.

    Attendance to regular progress meetings with the designers, contractors and developers at each stage of the work and during construction to ensure excellence and efficiency of services provided. Review of drawings, specifications and cost proposals in order to advise client at each stage of costings, any concerns, conformity or risk.

    Overall, Uri seamlessly carries out a critical construction and structural monitoring role enabling superior efficiency value and expert engineering consultancy enabling building owners, funders, developers or prospective purchasers to realise significant time and cost efficiency with ultimate project success.