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Consultancy services include:

    Client representation; presenting their case and negotiating with regard to resolution of technical and related financial issues;

    Structural and Civil Engineering design;

    Project compliance monitoring and supervision;

    Structural appraisal and survey;

    Environmental aspects of the site development, acquisition and disposal;

    Building defects, including subsidence and settlement;

    Schedule of Condition with regard to building fabric;

    Structural issues relating to development adjacent to party walls;

    Development feasibility;

    Preparation of information for design and building bids;

    Acting as intermediary in dispute resolution.
Le Provencal
South of France
South of France
Abito 240 Resiunits
Manchester, UK
Hotel Lutetia
Paris, France
Paris - France
Finchley Road
London, UK
London - UK
1500 Resiunits
w/ commercial area
Tirana, Albenia
Tirana - Albenia
Hotel Lutetia
Paris, France